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Jayapura Regional Police Search Rusunawa Dormitory and Unit I S / D Unit VI Disyrik Heram Alleged Place of Storage of Evidence Ranmor and the DPO

Jayapura, Papua – Jayapura City Police Chief AKBP Gustab B Urbinas SIK. SH Lead the search at Rusunawa Dormitory and Unit I to Unit VI Jl. Kamwolker Perumnas III, Yabansai Sub-district, Heram District, for allegedly storing Ranmor evidence on Haru on Monday (09/09).

The search involved 500 Personnel from the Jayapura City Police, Papua Police and Brimob Nusantara BKO. Also present at the search was Dansat North Sumatra Regional Police Mobile Brigade, Kombes Pol Djajuli SIK, North Sumatra Police Mobile Brigade AKBP M. Ambat. SIK, Danyon Brimob Bengkulu Regional Police Commissioner Mada Ramadita. SIK, Danyon Brimob Jambi Regional Police Commissioner Asep Sujarwadi.SIK, Wakapolres Jayapura City Police Commissioner Heru Hidayanto, S. Sos, Head of OPS Jayapura Regional Police Nursalam City Saka S.Pd. MM, Kasat Reskrim Jayapura Regional Police AKP Sugeng Ade Wijaya. SIK, Kasat Lantas Jayapura Regional Police AKPJunan P. S. Sos. MM, Kasat Binmas Jayapura Police Precinct AKP Pieter Kendek SH.MH, Kasat Narcotics Jayapura Polres AKP City. Muhammad Burhanudin Yusuf Hanafiah SH, SIK, Abepura Police Chief Clief Gerard Philipus Duwith SE, S.IK, Head of Jayapura Police Intelligence Unit Bedpt Rachman City Beddu Rachman, Danton Brimob and Papua Regional Police Ipda Benny Sokoy When they wanted to search an argument took place between the Chairman of Rusunawa Boarding House Musa Hisage who asked for a search warrant and the intent and purpose of conducting a search with the police officers deftly at the Criminal Investigation Unit of Jayapura City AKP Sugeng Ade Wijaya SIK by conveying us here because we got an order from the Jayapura City Police Chief to deftly conduct the Jayapura City Police Criminal Investigation Unit search and search for perpetrators of theft by force and also look for Prisoners who escaped from Abepura Prison on August 28, 2019. And if the Chair of the Boarding House obstructs our duties, we will take strict action because they obstruct the work of the police. Finally the Chairperson of the Boarding House allowed a joint member to search rooms in the Rusunawa dormitory as well as the Unit I to Unit VI dormitories. Exactly at 11.00 West Papua Regional Police Chief Inspector General Drs. Rudolf Albert Rodja was accompanied by Karo Ops Papua Regional Police Commissioner Pol. Gatot Haribowo SIK arrived at Rusunawa Dormitory and saw evidence of the search results in Rusunawa Dormitory Yellow Building Block A / Block B and White House Block A / Block B

Secure Evidence from Rusunawa Boarding House Yellow Block A and Block B: – 1 Samburai fruit – Machete 3 pieces – 3 Scythe – Iron pipes 6 pieces – 1 Badik fruit – 1 Kaswari bone – 6 Slingshot – 2 pieces of Indonesian Military Force. ARISAN – 2 pieces of TNI pants – 1 piece of Loreng Shirt – 1 ax – 4 pieces of nails – 2 axes – 2 spears – 2 police batons Evidence that is secured from the White House Rusunawa Block A and Block B – 3 pieces of KNPB Flag – 3 Megapone – 9 Noken bags move Bintang Kejora – 14 Morning Star patterned bracelets – Loreng 10 Outer shirt – Loreng pants 10 pieces – 2 pieces of BK Style Helmets – 1 Septuagint Laras – 5 Parangs – 1 crescent – 15 knives – 2 Badik fruit – 3 Bethels. – 25 arrows – 3 bows – 1 piece Martelu – 12 Slingshot – hundreds of marbles Evidence from Dormitory Unit I – 1 Unit SPM Honda Beat DS 5564 AF Blue – 1 Unit SPM Yamaha Mio M3 Color Black – 1 Unit SPM Yamaha Xeon Illustrated Doraemon. Where Rusunawa Dormitory and dormitory units I through VI are often used as a hiding place by the perpetrators of theft of Motorized Vehicles (Curanmor) as well as the collection of proceeds of crime, so that every search will be carried out by the occupants always hindering the implementation of police activities at the location. It is known that the inhabitants of the hostel are not purely students, but the people who have many families who live in the place, the resident community who live are people from the central mountains. The Jayapura city police chief said that after the search, the preparedness was further improved to anticipate the disorder of the Kamtibmas, because those living outside of the students were criminal groups and sparatist activists, so they needed to be monitored. (Red)

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